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It is fair to claim that Arbitration is easily becoming the dispute resolution mechanism of choice. As a full-service law firm, our experts are equipped with all the prerequisite and essential tools required to ensure you achieve a just outcome. Further, our lawyers are well versed to conduct proceedings in English and/or Arabic.

In the absence of a separate UAE arbitration statute, the review of the applicable arbitration chapter in the UAE Civil Transactions Code by the court is the primary source for the interpretation of arbitration agreements, as well as, for determining the validity of the relevant arbitration proceedings.

We have a broad range of experience in Arbitration, for as we have represented individual clients, as well as corporate organizations across an extensive range of practice areas. The aforementioned includes but is not limited to corporate and commercial, real estate, and banking. We have been working on many critical, complicated and high-value matters of Arbitration and are proud of our tremendous success. We work with some of the top experts in the UAE to give the cases we represent additional weight and improve our position, which ultimately allows us to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

Interested in setting up a business in the United Arab Emirates? We provide you with pleasure in the following areas:

  • Developing and revising strategy for market entry.
  • Advising on the different jurisdictions you can set up your company with in the UAE.
  • Advising on the formation, restructuring and dissolution of companies located in the United Arab Emirates territory or in free zones.
  • Advising you on the key requirements to set up your company.
  • Advising you on different capital raising options.
  • Drafting of memoranda and organization papers, resolutions and procurator powers.
  • Helping to plan and organize general assemblies.

U.A.E. criminal law is a federal statute originating from a variety of aspects of Islamic Sharia law. Our office has a network of professional lawyers defending clients in the U.A.E who are accused of federal offenses and criminal offences. Our lawyers are qualified to handle cases ranging from police investigation to trial to criminal prosecution. They apply for bail and file documents and pleadings pertaining to all charges, in particular misdemeanors and breaches. Our lawyers ensure that they keep working on the case until it is adjourned, or a decision has been taken, whether in First Instance Court/ Appeal Court/ Supreme Court. We ensure that our clients are treated equally, lawfully and thoroughly in the whole court process.

We recognize the value of companies’ contracts and commercial agreements and we understand that such arrangements are the key to success for any corporation. We are affiliated with our clients to ensure that these arrangements are robust, appropriate and pragmatic.We focus on meeting the commercial needs of our clients on a variety of topics and specializations.

We assist our clients in drafting Terms and Conditions, Finance Agreements and Escrow Agreements.

Our knowledge of Commercial Law extends to all aspects of both the private and public sectors. We are always making sure to go beyond our clients’ expectations and requirements.

A law firm’s ability to supervise, analyze and persuasively deliver reliable and detailed information is highly important and necessary in a traditionally high-value and complex litigation matter. Our Litigation board expertise helps us to offer high quality and thorough guidance on practically any topic that may arise from Civil or Criminal matters. Our department has extensive national experience and capacity to manage litigation cases. We have obtained extraordinary results before courts in Abu Dhabi and before domestic arbitration bodies on a wide variety of complicated matters.

Our main goal is to ensure that our clients are kept at ease throughout the process as litigation matters could take up to a year depending on the value of the claim. We ensure our clients are kept in the loop and listen carefully to their concerns to ensure justice is attained.

Our experts will provide legal and strategic guidance on all aspects of contractual and company litigation in the country in matters including contract disputes, breach of contract, criminal law concerns, real estate disputes, civil lawsuits, violation issues and shareholder litigations.

Our specialized family lawyers deliver legal guidance to all aspects of family law. We help develop the mechanisms that secure family relationships, and deal with conflicts when they occur. Our team of experienced family and divorce lawyers provide professional guidance to delicate circumstances including matters of separation and divorce, childcare, domestic violence and inheritance – with anonymity, impartiality and patience assured. We help expatriates codify family ties, responsibilities, and wills in a way that is Shariah compatible. We help convert family agreements and contracts into documents which complies with local laws and is readily enforceable within the UAE court system. We give families peace of mind when faced with contingencies, from wills and inheritance to custody and guardianship.

Our lawyers are not only knowledgeable in law; they also understand the sensitive nature of family disputes, and if possible, help family members reach equitable settlements with minimal disruption.

We advise on the protection and use of Intellectual Property across a wide array of UAE sectors. Al Monther lawyers will ensure your patents, copyrights, and trademark are registered and lawfully protected locally and within the GCC.

We handle litigation claims regarding infringement and trademark prosecution. We are equipped to represent our clients whether they are global or regional. Our practice also includes copyrights and consumer protection.

Employees are a valuable asset of any business. Every employee deserves to know their rights within the workplace; our goal is to ensure that we resolve any labour law issues as well as help our clients attain justice.

We offer a range of legal services for regional employers and employees in all sectors for the entire life cycle of the employment relationship. We advise on Ministry of Labor compliance, redundancy and termination management, end of service gratuity settlements, drafting and amending employment contracts and any other issue relating to labour law.

Our team is equipped to help you with all inquiries with respect to tax law, international law, as well as the process to acquire licenses to operate in the GCC. We will also provide you with comprehensive legal solutions that are specifically catered to you and your needs.

Our team is equipped at handling all your Real Estate inquiries. We will assist you whether you are the buyer or the seller with all your legal processes as well as any registration and mortgage inquiries. Our team of specialists have expertise to ensure that federal and local laws are abided by.


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